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Acupuncture for nausea during pregnancy in San Diego

Acupuncture is safe and effective for many issues during pregnancy. Acupuncture during pregnancy appears to be associated with very few adverse effects when correctly applied. The safety of acupuncture during pregnancy: a systematic review of 105 studies had a 1.3% chance of any adverse effects.[1]

Nausea, vomiting, body aches, low back pain, anemia, acid reflux, constipation, speeding up or inducing labor, low amniotic fluid are some issues I have treated with acupuncture and chinese herbs. Nausea can be debilitating for some women throughout pregnancy. It is extremely important for mothers to get proper fluid & nutrition for themselves and the baby. Pericardium 6 acupuncture point, located 3 fingers up from wrist crease on medial side of the forearm, works so well for nausea you can buy bracelets to stimulate this point. You can rub this point or press on it with anything metal & it will help.

Most nausea medications are unsafe during pregnancy so women are always looking for natural remedies. Fresh ginger tea with lemon juice & a touch of brown sugar is great for nausea. Don’t let yourself feel sick during your pregnancy. Acupuncture can really help. Get yourself scheduled this week at Some women enjoy a house call when really sick. If you live in San Diego I can do acupuncture at your home or office. I bring my services to you. Mobile Acupuncture!

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