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Gua Sha or blading is another tool acupuncturist use to decrease pain and inflammation

As a Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine I like to use several tools to help heal the body. Gua sha or blading is scraping on the skin which forces the capillaries open and increases blood flow to the muscles and tendons. This is great for muscle spasms and tendonitis. This can help athletes recover quicker from an injury and help get them back into action. The skin should become red and its important not to press too hard and cause pain. I always use liniments to help decrease inflammation or massage oil to make the scraping smooth. This can be painful or tender depending on the area of the body you are working on. This is a tool any athlete can use on themselves to recover from their workouts more quickly. Schedule yourself a treatment and you can experience for yourself. “The power that makes the body, heals the body”

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