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Acupressure for Sleep in Infants in San Diego

by Jared Lien RN Licensed Acupuncturist

Babies love acupressure. Have you ever tried massaging your baby? Does it make them smile? or does it make them squirm? Most babies love to be massaged. My son loves a massage up and down his spine or around his belly. They are active pushing, pulling, grabbing and falling all day long. They play extremely hard with no regard for their body because they are unsure how to control it. They get sore just like we do so it's important to give them treatments.

Their are some easy points to massage on your kids to help them sleep and improve their digestion. For most infants improving their digestion is key to getting them sleeping better. Try massaging the abdomen clockwise just like normal flow through your intestines. Press very light at first and then adjust pressure deeper depending on how the child responds to your touch, do this in a circular motion around the belly button. This can help move any stuck gas or stool and promote a bowel movement for any constipation. Another acupressure trick to stimulate digestion is to massage their palms in a clockwise motion. 

A simple acupressure book I used with my son is Holistic Baby Acupressure System 12 Acupressure Points by Jennifer Chellis Taveras L.Ac. This book has an extremely easy protocal for sleep and it works! My son is 19 months old now and sleeps 10-12 hours at night and naps for 3 hours in afternoon.

If you are sleep deprived and need some help with getting your infant on a schedule. Get yourself and the baby scheduled for an acupressure appointment today in Pacific Beach or North Park of San Diego. Schedule at lienonmeacupuncture.com.