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Acupuncture for Low Back Pain in San Diego

by Jared Lien RN Licensed Acupuncturist

Low back pain is the most commons musculoskeletal pain syndrome people visit the doctor for. Tylenol, advil, and pain pills will only mask this problem. Chinese medicine is a holistic medicine and we look at the root of the problem. I have treated patients with bulging and protruding discs in the spine with great success. My patients that I have treated for low back pain 95% of them have reported a decrease in pain and increase in range of motion with their first treatment. Low back pain usually requires 5-10 treatments for a full recovery but you should feel relief with every treatment. Low back pain might require the use of acupuncture, cupping, moxabustion, massage, internal herbal formulas, or external herbal linements. These are the tools that I use to help decrease pain and increase range of motion. Don't settle for the STANDARD of care, drugs and surgery. Get yourself some EXCEPTIONAL CARE, acupuncture and chinese medicine! Get yourself scheduled today at lienonmeacupuncture.com. I have two office locations in Pacific Beach and North Park of San Diego.