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Acupuncture for Insomnia in San Diego

by Jared Lien RN Licensed Acupuncturist

Insomnia is a big problem in our country due to our stressful lives. Cortisol is one of our stress hormones that mess with our sleep. It raises our blood sugars and makes us wake up during the middle of the night. Have you ever fallen asleep and wake up in an hour or 2 and feel wide awake? This is due to cortisol and your bodies stress response. I experienced severe insomnia while completing my Masters program. My schedule during my first year of school; working 3-12 hour days at hospital, 3 days of school for 8-10 hours, studying whenever I could get a free minute. This is when I had insomnia for the first time. It is so hard to describe to anyone that has never had it. Imagine your most tired state of mind and body, and then your body won't sleep. Acupuncture and Chinese herbs pulled me out of this quickly. I started sleeping better after my first treatment, however my schedule did not let up so I kept up on my treatments every week. This experience has shown me how important sleep is. People working the night shift do this to themselves weekly. Our body is meant to rest and regenerate at night. Chinese medical practitioners have known for thousands of years that the blood goes internal at night, nourishes your organs, and the regeneration of new blood happens. Blood deficiency is common among people who work the grave yard shift. Don't suffer any longer with insomnia. Get scheduled for some acupuncture and chinese herbs to get your zen and restful sleep back. Visit another page on website & you can schedule today lienonmeacupuncture.com. I practice in 2 convenient locations in Pacific Beach and North Park of San Diego.