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Acupuncture to relieve headaches or migraines in San Diego

by Jared Lien RN Licensed Acupuncturist

Do you experience migraines, tension headaches or cluster headaches? Are you tired of reaching for tylenol, advil or your migraine medicines? The great news is that acupuncture can help relieve the headache no matter what type. A 2016 study published by The Cochrane Review concluded acupuncture can not only relieve the pain associated with headaches, but it can help to control or prevent migraines before they happen. In the 22 trials conducted and reviewed considerable evidence was shown that acupuncture should be highly considered for migraine treatment and prevention. Check out pubmed for link to abstract or full version. Most headaches in my experience are related to stress and tension headaches. The muscles of neck, especially at the occiput of skull, are in constant spasm causing the vessels to vasoconstrict. This constriction does not allow blood, nutrients or toxins to flow in and out of the brain like it should. Acupuncture relaxes theses muscles and reestablishes the flow of blood to the brain. Stop wasting your time covering your headaches with drugs. Lets get to the root of the problem. Get yourself scheduled for an exam and treatment this week at lienonmeacupuncture.com. I have two convenient locations in Pacific Beach and North Park of San Diego.